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Custom-Engineered Oil and Gas Production Equipment in Texas

If you’re looking for equipment that is tailor-made for your oil and gas extraction and processing needs, Reef Energy Systems has the solution. We design and manufacture custom upstream and midstream oil and gas production equipment in Texas. You can count on us to build flaring devices, pressure vessels, test separators, and more with precision and attention to detail.

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Reef Energy Systems is a leader in oil and gas field location flaring devices, with over 10,000 units in service throughout North America and South America. Established in 2006, Reef Energy Systems has emerged as its own standalone company concentrating primarily on vapor emissions/recovery, gas processing of various types, and of course, the manufacturing of flaring devices.

Cutting Edge

Cutting-Edge Technology

We are continually researching and developing new and better methods of vapor control and safe VOC elimination that not only solve issues with ever-increasing regulations for producers but also provide emission solutions that make economic sense. Our company currently holds patents on two exclusive flaring devices, and we have patents pending on other automation applications.

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As a family-owned business that focuses on smaller customers, we can give you our full attention and time. We listen to you and understand what you’re looking for so we can build oil and gas production equipment that matches your specifications.